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Retirement Genius

Chris Oresits means what he says about retirement. His philosophy on long-term care, insurance, and retirement has changed peoples’ lives for the better and electrified crowds across the country.

Perfecting Retirement

Chris is the Retirement Genius and he has been helping seniors and families navigate the complex world of retirement and long-term care for 25 years. Retirement Genius provides information and resources about Financial, Health/Long-Term Care, and Lifestyle to educate people and help them access the best possible solutions to achieve a well-balanced retirement. Recognized as a national expert,  Chris has been featured in the national media for many years, published three books, and has helped lead the way on creating innovative financial solutions, legislation, tax policy, and education efforts to help people get the most out of their retirement years.

Chris Orestis

Retire Like a Genius

The newest book from Retirement Genius, Chris Orestis, CSA® is coming soon! It’s never too late (or too soon) to start planning for the balanced retirement of your dreams. Get the guidebook you need to start planning today.

Are You Truly Prepared for Retirement?

Everyone dreams of that one day of leaving their job and never going back to work. Retirement is inevitable, but a successful, fulfilling retirement takes a bit of preparation. A successful retirement is a balance of Finances, Health, and Long-term lifestyle care. Being healthy in retirement with a long-term care plan isn’t effective if you don’t have the finances to enjoy life. Similarly, having finances and a long-term care plan won’t get you very far without your health in the right place. With the results of this Retirement Personality Profile, Retirement Genius Chris Orestis can help you make the necessary steps and put a plan together to make your retirement the best years of your life!



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