think positive

Do you have the right attitude for healthy living?


Taking on life and aging with a positive attitude is a very important cornerstone for your quality of life. It is important to live a purposeful life because it will make you strive to be healthy of mind, body and in your attitude.

But what does the word “attitude” really mean?  The concept of attitude can be hard to pin down and clearly define.  But, simply enough, attitude is a combination of feelings, beliefs and behaviors. Doing all you can to keep a day-to-day positive attitude and see life as being a glass that is half full and not half empty, will have a huge impact on not just your mental but your physical quality of life.

But is all this easier said than done?  Here are ten practical ways you can maintain a positive attitude:

  1. Look for the positive and not the negative in circumstances and people
  2. Nurture existing and/or seek out new relationships
  3. Stay active with work, hobbies and relationships
  4. Set goals to accomplish and celebrate successes—know where you want to go and take time to celebrate when you arrive
  5. Wake up every day with purpose and a plan—no one plans to fail but you will if you fail to plan
  6. Keep your body and mind sharp through exercise and intellectual activities
  7. Dress and groom yourself well—if you look good you will feel good
  8. Eat well and ingest treats and vices in moderation—you are what you eat (and drink)
  9. Don’t live with regrets or dwell on failures—you can’t change the past but you can impact the future
  10. Embrace change in yourself and in others—the only constant in life is change