Your Retirement Personality Profile

Retirement—that seemingly forever goal of so many—may be closer than you think! Whatever stage of life in which you find yourself, Chris Orestis, the Retirement Genius, can help you achieve a balanced retirement that prioritizes your health and long-term care planning, finances, and a quality lifestyle lived with purpose.

Are you a Retirement Radical or Retirement Risky? With the help of this quick assessment from the Retirement Genius, you’ll be able to identify your “Retirement Personality Profile” and any gaps in your retirement plan to determine what kind of considerations you need to make to retire when you want. Retirement is a complex undertaking that can give you the best years of your life if you have the right plan and the right guidance. What’s your Retirement Personality Profile?

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Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all 10 questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

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I have a retirement plan that will have enough resources and accounts for my future and that of my children, grandchildren, and/or the causes I value.*