Retirement Radical

You want to take big steps to retire early

You are young and dream of retiring early, but need a little help with efforts to cut back and start saving and investing now, to live a fulfilling early retirement.

Your responses indicate that you have clearly taken a holistic well-balanced approach to retirement. You have obviously considered the financial implications, but you have gone a step further than most by accounting for your total health and lifestyle in retirement. Beyond the general considerations to aging, you have made efforts to provide a rich and fulfilling life in retirement.

While you are ahead of the curve, there is always room to improve and sharpen your plan. If you are not taking advantage of tax-advantaged savings and investment vehicles, maintaining a smart budget and savings plan, and regularly reviewing or updating your retirement strategies–you may be leaving aspects of your next act to chance.

To learn how to retire the right way from a man who is practicing what he preaches, Retire Like a Genius is a comprehensive, relatable guide to a truly holistic and balanced retirement. Take a peek at how a Retirement Genius makes the most of their retirement.

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