Retirement Ready

You’re moving in the right direction...

You’re approaching retirement and have some savings and investments in place, but you need help completing (or improving) your retirement plan in other areas besides finances.

Do not worry, your responses show that you are cognizant of what a smart retirement looks like. You’ve made wise financial choices and are probably planning a relatively strong retirement. However, there is some indication that you are leaving certain aspects to chance. A smart retirement plan will account for financial aspects, but a genius plan accounts for finances and makes an equal priority of health, long-term care, and lifestyle. It will do you no good to leave these other aspects by the wayside.

A holistic well-balanced retirement plan will have specific, actionable steps to ensure that your health and happiness are at the forefront along with your IRA, 401(k), life insurance, and other financial considerations. Be sure that you are planning for an active and purposeful life after work; not just saving for a rainy day.

To learn how to retire the right way from a man who is practicing what he preaches, Retire Like a Genius is a comprehensive, relatable guide to a truly holistic and balanced retirement. Take a peek at how a Retirement Genius makes the most of their retirement.

If you want to kick the tires of your current plan, or start fresh with an expert, reach out to the Retirement Genius today!

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