Retirement Reluctant

You're in need of a retirement plan! Let's get started.

You are approaching retirement or already retired, and seem to lack having a proper plan in place regarding your finances, health, and lifestyle. You are worried you will run out of money and it is holding you back from enjoying the best years of your life. Let’s change that.

I get it. Retirement can seem so complex and unattainable that we often don’t know where to begin. But, we must begin and the best way is with a first step! Retirement isn’t something that just figures itself out. Rather it requires an actively maintained plan that accounts for all of your post-working life needs. Maintaining a balance of financial security, health and long-term care security, and an active lifestyle can seem like an impossible challenge—but people are doing it every day and so can you!

It starts with education. That’s where the Retirement Genius can help. With over 25 years of experience helping people from all starting points get on-track to a balanced retirement, Chris Orestis the Retirement Genius puts you in control of your finances, your health and well-being, your lifestyle, your retirement income, your plan for long-term care, senior entitlements available to you, and so much more. Inspired by the belief that our Golden Years are the best years of our lives, the Retirement Genius is on a mission to prove a balanced retirement that prioritizes finances, physical  health, and long-term care is attainable to all who are motivated enough to work towards it.

To learn how to retire the right way from a man who is practicing what he preaches, Retire Like a Genius is a comprehensive, relatable guide to a truly holistic and balanced retirement. Take a peek at how a Retirement Genius makes the most of their retirement.

If you want to kick the tires of your current plan, or start fresh with an expert, reach out to the Retirement Genius today!

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